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Shih Tzu Puppy
"Embrace Endless Love and Joy – Bring Home a Shih Tzu Today!"
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Maltese Puppy
Experience Pure Delight: Embrace Life with a Maltese Puppy by Your Side!
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Toypom Puppy
Discover Joy in a Fluffy Package: Bring Home a Toypom Puppy Today!
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Poodle Puppy
"Elegant Playfulness Awaits: Welcome a Poodle Puppy into Your Home!"
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German Shepherd
"Unleash Loyalty and Adventure with a German Shepherd by Your Side!"
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Golden Retriever
"Embrace Golden Moments: Make a Golden Retriever Your Forever Friend!"
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Labrador Retriever
"Discover Unconditional Love: Make a Labrador Retriever Your Newest Family Member!"
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Rottweiler Puppy
"Unleash Love and Protection: Welcome a Rottweiler Puppy into Your Home Today!"
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Welcome to The Pup Company - The Best puppy Pet Shop in Gurgoan & Delhi Ncr

Discover your ideal furry companion at The Pup Company, the premier pet shop for puppies in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR. Located conveniently near you, our establishment is dedicated to providing discerning pet enthusiasts with meticulously selected, purebred, and KCI registered puppies for sale.

As the foremost destination for puppies for sale in the region, The Pup Company adheres to the highest standards of quality and ethical breeding practices. Each of our puppies undergoes comprehensive health evaluations and receives attentive care from our dedicated team to ensure they are primed for a healthy and happy life in their new homes.

We take pride in offering a diverse range of breeds to cater to the varied preferences of our clientele. Whether you’re searching for the exuberant energy of a Labrador Retriever, the noble demeanor of a German Shepherd, or the endearing charm of a Beagle, our extensive collection is sure to feature the perfect match for your lifestyle and personality.

At The Pup Company, we understand the importance of convenience in the process of finding your new furry family member. That’s why we provide an intuitive online platform where prospective pet owners can browse our current selection of puppies for sale with ease and convenience. With just a few clicks, you can explore detailed profiles of each available puppy, complete with photos and pertinent information to aid in your decision-making process.

When you choose to purchase a puppy from The Pup Company, you can rest assured that you are not only acquiring a beloved pet but also gaining a lifetime of unconditional love and companionship. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the point of sale, as we provide ongoing support and guidance to ensure a seamless transition for both you and your new furry friend.

Whether you reside in Gurgaon or anywhere within the Delhi NCR region, The Pup Company stands ready to assist you in finding your perfect match. Contact us today at 09811828282 or visit our office to learn more about our current inventory of puppies for sale. Your dream puppy awaits at The Pup Company – where quality, integrity, and compassion converge to make your pet ownership journey truly exceptional.

Celebrating a Star's Choice

Thank You, Kartik Aaryan for Your Trust.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the sensational Superstar Kartik Aaryan for allowing The Pup Company the privilege to bring joy into your life with our white puppy. 

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Top Dog Breeds

Maltese puppies for sale in Delhi


Elegant Maltese – Experience pure sophistication and companionship with a Maltese by your side.

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Find Purebred Dogs & Puppies for Sale Online from The Pup Company

Discover a wide selection of purebred dogs and puppies for sale online at The Pup Company. Located in Gurgaon, serving the Delhi NCR area, we offer a curated collection of meticulously bred and KCI registered puppies. Our puppies undergo thorough health screenings and receive the best care from our team. Whether you’re looking for a playful Labrador Retriever, an elegant German Shepherd, or a charming Beagle, we have the perfect match for you. Our user-friendly online platform allows you to browse our current inventory with ease, complete with detailed profiles and photos. At The Pup Company, we prioritize the well-being of our puppies and ensure they are ready to become beloved members of your family. Contact us today to find your ideal furry companion!

Quality Assurance

We understand that bringing a new puppy into your home is a significant decision, which is why we prioritize the health and well-being of our puppies above all else. Each puppy at The Pup Company undergoes thorough health screenings and vaccinations to ensure they are happy, healthy, and ready to join your family.

Expert Guidance

Not sure which breed is right for you? Our team of knowledgeable and experienced staff members is here to help! We’ll take the time to understand your lifestyle and preferences to match you with the perfect puppy companion.

Convenient Location

Located in the heart of Gurugram and Delhi NCR, The Pup Company offers convenience and accessibility for all your puppy needs. Whether you’re a local resident or visiting from out of town, we invite you to stop by and meet our adorable puppies in person.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your satisfaction is our top priority at The Pup Company. From your initial inquiry to long after you’ve welcomed your new furry friend into your home, we’re dedicated to providing exceptional customer service every step of the way.

Visit The Pup Company Today!

Ready to find your perfect puppy match? Visit The Pup Company today and experience the joy and excitement of welcoming a new furry friend into your life. With our wide selection of quality puppies and expert guidance, you’re sure to find the perfect companion to share your love and adventures with.

Make your dream of pet ownership a reality with The Pup Company – where puppy love begins!

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